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參加「百人創業週末活動」完後的第一件事:「舉辦坦承會議」/ First To-Do after attending Startup Weekend Event: 「Confession Meeting」

    為何要執行「坦承會議」呢?/ Why do we need to host a 「Confession Meeting」? 要討論多深入,有建議嗎?/ How in-depth the conversation should be? Any suggestion?  我們建議可以討論下的議題/ We suggest the following topic:  請問哪些團員會持續目前的新創? / Who will continue the current startup? 請問將會持續的團員,每位每周會投入的時間? / What is the commitment level for people who want to continue? 請問將來規劃? / What are upcoming milestone? 請問接下來規劃的目標和里程碑有哪些?/ What […]


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